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9 Smart Tips to Keep Cooler Cold for Longer Periods

If you are going out for any social function and you need to preserve the coldness of your cooler, below are some things to note:


Use an airtight cooler:

This is the very first and most important thing to keep in mind. A bad cooler which allows air penetration will leave your food and drinks hot before you need them. You need to use an airtight cooler which traps and sustains temperature within it and keeps air out. Specially designed rotomolded coolers usually come to mind because they are:

  • Convenient and can easily be carried from one point to another without the fear of damaging its content or the cooler itself
  • They are quite spacious and purposefully built to carry a sufficient amount of items and ice packs.
  • These specially crafted coolers have state-of-the-art cooling technology for preserving items. They have special features which trap the gas within them and prevent air from gaining entry.

They have tight lids which do not open up even if they fall by accident.


Pre-freeze the cooler:

Ever wondered how professional caterers are able to serve cold drinks to guests at social functions lasing hours without a cooler in sight? They use the simple trick of freezing their drink coolers before use. Freezing the coolers keep them cold for a while. So when the drinks are eventually placed in them, the temperature levels are maintained for a longer period of time even before the ice is added.


Freeze the items beforetime:

Before your drinks are arranged in the cooler, have them refrigerated some few hours beforehand. Cold drinks placed in a cooler without ice remain cold for over an hour or up to two depending on the freezing and weather temperatures.


Arrange your items at the bottom with the ice placed on top:

If the ice is placed at the bottom of the cooler, drinks on top of it may cool up but the entire frame of the cooler may not feel the effect of the ice beside the bottom. Arranging your items first then placing the ice on top of them will ensure that the melted ice trickles all the way down to the bottom of the cooler. This will cool up the entire cooler frame and maintain cold temperatures longer.


Use a separate container:

Use a separate cooler to hold food and drink items that will be consumed soon. Also have items properly organized so you know where you need to access to retrieve items. Items that do not need to be placed in the cooler should be kept in a spate container.


Cover with an insulated material:

Insulation makes for better protection from sun rays. Materials such as towels, napkin or synthetic nylons can be used to cover the entire pile of items and broken ice before closing the cooler.


Keep the cooler away from the hot environment:

After loading your cooler with your drink and food items, seal it up and place it in a cool environment away from sun rays and hot environments. Keeping your cooler filled with drinks and ice in a garage or leaving it in your car trunk may actually be counter-productive. The heat will warm up the cooler and gradually seep into the content. If you are going to use one for an outdoor purpose, place it under a shade or in a place where there is less sunlight.


Use the cold water from the melting ice:

Draining the water because you want to protect the ice from melting further is not advisable. The ice will melt anyway, so why bother! The cold water will not only cool the drinks down but also keep the cooler cool much better than air would.


Keep the cooler closed:

The cold vapor escapes each time you open it up to retrieve items, so you need to keep the lid closed as much as possible. Only open it up when you need to retrieve drinks and food items and close the lid afterwards. You will also want to pick up all you need at every point in time to avoid opening it up repeatedly to retrieve items.

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