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10 Best Backpack Coolers For Beers & Beach

There is nothing like a cold brew on a hot day. Sitting out in the sun, pouring down an iced cold beer is truly one of the most enjoyable moments that you can have while out in the sun.

However, if you are out hiking, out at the beach, or simply out for a walk, your dream moment can be hard to achieve. You are unlikely to find a bar serving cold beer along the trail, and carrying beer with you will likely not stay cold in your backpack.

You could carry a cooler with you, but that is not always convenient either. If you are hiking or on a long walk, the last thing you want is lugging a cooler behind you or trying to carry this the whole way. It can make it so that by the time you have walked for an hour or two, you simply won’t care about beer anymore. In this situation, you can try one of the best backpack coolers for beer out there.

Top 10 Backpack Coolers For Beer:

How to Choose The Best Backpack Cooler For Beer?

Trying to enjoy a great moment like this can be a challenge, but not with a backpack cooler. This handy product allows you to carry many of the necessities you need while out for a hunt, hike, or day out in the sun, while still being able to carry beverages with you, allowing you to keep them cold without adding too much of a burden on to you.

You need a quality backpack cooler for beer so that you are able to carry brew with you during the day while it is kept cool inside your backpack. It absolutely is the best of both worlds.

While there are many products out there that offer you a great option in terms of a backpack cooler for beer, you want to make sure you are choosing one that not only fits your personal sense of style, but is also ideal for the terrain or excursion you will be using it for while also offering you the capacity you desire.

If you are searching for the best backpack cooler for beer for you, here are some things to consider:


The material is important not only for the comfort of carrying, but also in the kind of insulation that it provides for your beverages. Depending upon the kind of climate you are going to be in, you may find that the heat can be quite oppressive, which makes the insulation material used an important factor.

The insulation used should be durable, so that it can handle the rigors of a day of hiking. It should also have enough flexibility so that is not rigid against your back. If it makes you too uncomfortable to wear it, then you are clearly not going to use this backpack, making it a useless investment.

Insulation and Leak-Proof

We have talked about the insulation a little bit already, but one other factor we want to discuss in relation to this is how well it protects the beverages themselves. What we mean is that you want something that is going to keep your beverages cool and also ensure that they are leakproof at the same time.

Leakproof should go both ways. Meaning that the compartment should not allow water or other liquids to get out of or get in the insulated compartment. Ensuring that it provides a proper seal is important for you.

The main key to providing a well-insulated compartment like this is in how its seal closes. If you are able to tightly secure the compartment using a zipper or some other kind of locking mechanism, this will not only help to keep your beverages cooler for a longer period of time, but also ensure that such things as ice and water do not leak out over time.

Carrying Comfort

We also mentioned that the carrying comfort is essential. You want to make sure that the backpack is of the proper size so that it fits well along your back, evenly distributing the burden so that no area of your back or shoulders takes on the vast majority of the weight.

Straps should be able to secure tightly around your shoulders and chest, while also providing a soft, comfortable feel so that muscles don’t become sore and achy quickly.

The material used should be comfortable as well. While most backpacks are made with some form of nylon or other acrylic material, what you are primarily looking for is breathability. Consider that you may be on long walks in areas where it will be extremely hot, so you want a backpack that will breathe well against your back. This is an area where you could quickly find yourself overheating if the material does not breathe properly.


You want a backpack that suits your needs. Many choose a style that fits for them to be able to go out into the woods camping, hiking, or just spending a day out near the lake. If this is the case, you need one that is able to handle dangling tree branches, thick brush, and maybe even an animal or two trying to get into your backpack.

You may decide that your backpack could have multiple purposes. Maybe you are looking for something that is perfect for you to take to the outdoors, but also works as a great bag to carry your computer or other essentials to the class.

Get something that truly fits the purpose you will use it for. You may even find that it’s the perfect product to take on your next romantic date to use to carry your food and beverages for that intimate picnic together.


One of the great things about backpacks is that they provide a number of different kinds of pockets in different locations that enable you to carry a wide assortment of things. This is essential depending upon your use for the backpack.

You may be looking for something where you could easily slide your phone or MP3 player into a pocket so that the device is kept secure and protected, while still giving you easy access if need be. You may be looking for something that enables you to carry water that’s easily reachable, or you want something that is secure that makes it difficult for people to try to take things from you.

Pockets should be functional as well as convenient for you depending upon what you intend to use them for. Give a good look through a backpack before deciding to purchase it so that you are aware of exactly what kind of items you would be carrying and where they could fit.


This isn’t usually something that a lot of people spend time thinking about, but the truth is that the capacity of the backpack is quite important. If you are looking for the best backpack cooler for beer, you may be looking to use this on events where you are gathering with friends. You may be looking to be able to carry a large amount of beer and other beverages with you, while still being able to carry this on your back without being overburdened.

There are great backpacks out there that can carry up to 4 L of liquid or more. That may enable you to even carry for 2 L bottles of soda with you as an option if you wish.

However, if you see this as a product to simply use for yourself or with a partner, you may not need something so big. Choose something that works for you that you know you will get the most value out of.

Best Backpack Coolers For Beer Reviews 2018

With a little information to help you make a decision, now is the time to give you some suggestions on the best backpack coolers for beer available on the market. We have provided you with some of the top-class backpack coolers available so that you can make a decision that truly works for you.

The products we are showing you have been chosen after an extensive evaluation of the different products on the market, and in no way have come through some form of a paid process to support one product over another. We want to give you an unbiased opinion, and that is how we have come up with our list.

Here are some that you will likely want to consider as a top choice for yourself:

MIER Backpack Cooler Insulated Leakproof (24 Cans)

This is an insulated and leakproof cooler made with a liner that provides a thickened insulation to keep items either hot or cold for hours depending on its purpose. It is very easy to clean and comes with multiple pockets that enable you to carry a large assortment of items with you.

The material is sturdy and durable, and is ideal for multiple uses. You will like that you can store large beverages inside the backpack, including wine bottles, while also having outer pockets that allow you to carry smaller goods and cutlery if needed.

  • Well insulated and leakproof
  • Can carry up to 24 cans with ease as well as tall beverages

  • When carrying ice the bag will sweat on the exterior


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Insulated and Leakproof Cooler ---- The inner thicken insulation and leakproof PEVA liner work together to keep things cold/hot for hours, easy to ...

Available: In stock
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TOURIT Insulated Cooler Backpack (28 Cans)

Here is a great option that provides you with up to 24 cans of space. This is considered to be one of the best backpack coolers on the market because of the large capacity it provides, plus it has a number of pockets that enable you to organize your items easily.

The padded shoulder pads are designed to provide you with a comfortable feel while carrying the backpack, giving you the ultimate level of comfort. It’s made of a durable material that is water-resistant, yet it is still lightweight to carry.

  • Great for any kind of environment in which you wish to use the backpack
  • Large capacity for carrying beverages

  • One of the most expensive options within our list


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; LARGE LUNCH COOLER BACKPACK: Deep main storage compartment is large enough to provide roomy capacity for your meals, beers, snacks or other food, can ...

Available: In stock
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OAGear Backpack Cooler (20 Cans)

This backpack holds up to 20 cans, and is made with a durable polyester that not only helps to keep your beverages well insulated but also gives you a durable fabric that enables you to use the backpack for a variety of purposes. There are adjustable shoulder straps and a mash back pad that provides comfort and proper airing to keep you cooler while carrying the bag.

There are two mass pockets on each side of the backpack, and it comes with a front slip pocket that allows you to slide items into making them easy for you to reach. There is a great look to it as well.

  • Durable design and easy to carry
  • Well insulated and provides with fantastic longevity for keeping beverages cold

  • A limited amount of pocket space available


The Ultimate Cooler Backpack is built to keep your hands free while carrying a ton in comfort. With it's double heat sealed PEVA no-leak liner that holds 20 cans plus ice, two zippered side pockets, ...

Available: In stock
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North Coyote Hiking Backpack Cooler Bag (13 Cans)

This is as much of a hiking backpack as it is a cooler. There is a lot of space for you to use this even for hiking or backpacking for several days, and is comfortable for both men and women.

There are actually two ice coolers included in the backpack, which allow you to double the amount of items you can carry, plus to separate them depending upon your need. This even lets you have hot and cold goods carried with you. This is truly a fantastic choice that is quite comfortable to carry despite its larger size.

  • Unbelievable functionality despite the cost
  • Great for a multitude of purposes

  • This is really not a backpack to take with you for the day

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; MADE FOR HIKING – Our Cooler Backpack consist of a collapsible cooler, a large size storage compartment, chest

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Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler (28 Cans)

If you are looking for a backpack that provides a soft yet durable design, this is a great option for you. Even with the smaller looking design, you still are able to carry up to 28 cans, which are kept cool through the well-insulated and leakproof design.

There are adjustable shoulder and way straps to make it comfortable to carry, and a padded back gives you comfort and support, aside from ensuring that you don’t become overheated. A great look and great functionality.

  • Ideal for a multitude of purposes because of its sharp design
  • A large number of pockets that enable you to be well organized

  • Would be better if it came with other color options


Keep your food and snacks cool from the park to the campsite with a Coleman Backpack Cooler. This stylish bag is large enough to hold 28 cans. Extra padding in the back and waist make it even easier ...

Available: In stock
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TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag (28 Cans)

This is a very well insulated bag that can hold up to 28 cans. It is lightweight and made of a leak resistant material that is durable and ensures that you keep your beverages cool for long periods of time.

This is the perfect gift for both men and women, or for people of all ages. It’s lightweight and comes in four different colors. There are two side pockets as well as two large front zipper pockets and one mesh pocket on the strap itself. A fantastic backpack that’s great in a number of circumstances.

  • Can keep food cold or hot up to 10 hours
  • Large capacity space

  • Straps have been known to wear off


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Lightweight yet Durable: Made of leak resistant, durable fabric, best lightweight backpack with cooler for road/ beach trips, hiking, perfect gift for ...

Available: In stock
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Arctic Zone Backpack Cooler (24 Cans)

If you are looking for a backpack that provides a large amount of storage space, this is the choice for you to make. With four main compartments to the backpack itself, and a number of side pockets, you have a great deal of space to be able to stay organized and carry a large number of items with you, all while keeping them either hot and/or cold.

This is the ideal backpack to take on trips where you are intending to have a large gathering or where you are expecting to be out for some time. The padded backpack straps are comfortable to wear and there is a sternum strap to add additional support.

  • A large amount of space, and the ability to keep food hot or cold for long periods of time
  • Extremely comfortable to wear

  • This is a big backpack that isn’t for everyday use

Ultra by Arctic Zone 24can ice backpack cooler, come with10 storage. 4 insulated compartment: main- super foam high performance insulation with therma-flect radiant barrier. Front- super foam high ...

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OAGear Backpack Cooler Bag (20 Cans)

If you are looking for a backpack that provides a wide variety of uses beyond heading to the outdoors, this is a great choice for you. It has an excellent design that would be perfect to use at school or work, while also still allowing you to take this to the outdoors.

The backpack has a great design, is durable, and comes in six different colors, giving you a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you are looking for. The cooler pack is well insulated and can keep food cold virtually all day long. Truly a great choice for the person on the go.

  • Great design and style
  • Ideal for use in a wide variety of capacities

  • Straps can be somewhat constricting because of design a backpack


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Holds 20 cans plus ice

Available: In stock
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Igloo MaxCold Backpack Cooler (12 Cans)

This Igloo backpack is specifically designed with an increased amount of foam to ensure that your items stay insulated for a longer duration of time. This allows you to keep food hot or cold for hours beyond that of most other backpacks.

It is extremely comfortable to wear, and also provides you with side pouches and a zipper pocket in the back to help keep you better organized. A perfect backpack for you to use alone or with a partner.

  • Very comfortable backpack to use with durable design
  • Build to keep food and drinks colder for a longer duration

  • Capacity only allows for 12 cans


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; MaxCold insulation features 25% more foam to stay cool longer; Crush-resistant EVA molded top zipper compartment; Adjustable, padded air mesh straps; ...

Available: In stock
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Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack (12 Cans)

This is a very smartly designed backpack which can easily double as an everyday cooler. With a top and bottom half, with the lower half specifically designed as a cooler, you can easily carry a large assortment of items with you while also having the ability to easily carry it because of its design.

This is a well-insulated backpack that allows you to carry up to 13 cans in the bottom cooler section, while still giving you a top half to carry other items with you. It comes in some great colors, giving you the style of your choice.

  • Smart design gives you two separate areas for use
  • Pockets allow for convenience and security

  • While it has a great design, it doesn’t have the best look to be honest


Perfect for lunches, picnics, day hikes, or travel, check out this upgraded version of the Zuma insulated cooler backpack by Oniva, a Picnic Time brand. The Zuma features durable 600D polyester ...

Available: In stock


Your day out in the wilderness can be everything that you’ve wanted to be and more. Now you can use a fantastic backpack that will allow you to carry items you need on your hike, camping trip, day at the beach, or day outdoors while also being able to keep them cold or hot to your convenience.

You are looking for the best backpack cooler for beer, and now you know what to look for, some great options available to you out there, and what may work best for you. All of these come at a price that is less than $50, affording you the opportunity to get one of these great cooler backpacks at a price that works within your budget.

Now it’s time to just head outside and know that when you stop to take a break, you can enjoy that ice cold beer you have been thinking about for hours.

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