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How to Keep Food Cold While Camping: Some Cool Tips You Can Try!

If you plan on going out camping for a few days or up to a week, you need to make adequate preparations to ensure every little detail is put in place to ensure a happy and fulfilling outdoor exercise. One difficulty campers are often faced with is having access to good food in the woods. Even when food items are packed in coolers loaded with ice, they lose their coldness after 24 hours when the ice melts.

When items like meat and other edibles are exposed to heat, micro-organisms grow on them and they eventually go bad. Consuming such contaminated food items can be injurious to health. Using ice packed coolers to preserve items is a sure way to go but it needs to be done rightly. It is possible to have your items well preserved for days by following these helpful tips.

To start off, you will need coolers, ice blocks, containers for keeping cooked food, towels and bags.

Tips to Keep Food Cold While Camping

  • Pre- cool your food and beverages:

Icing your food and beverages with refrigerators before leaving for camping is a smart choice, especially those items that will be consumed in the first day of camping. You can store them in the refrigerator overnight to have them chilled before leaving home.

  • Use an airtight cooler:

Make sure your cooler is big enough to accommodate large ice block sizes and is airtight to prevent ice exposure to air.

  • Have your ice blocks ready:

Prepare your ice blocks prior to the day of camping. Large ice blocks are better because they don’t melt on time, so you need to have that in mind when making provisions for ice. If you will be out in the woods for a long period of time, you may also need to use a mixture of dry ice blocks and regular blocks.

  • Dry ice is best for freezing items like meat and can be used to preserve items that will be used at later periods during camping.
  • Items like drinks and other consumables which will be consumed sooner should be iced using regular ice blocks.

  • Keep ice blocks in a separate cooler:

Endeavor to go with extra blocks of ice. Wrap them up in a bag and place them in a cooler specifically earmarked for that purpose. Wrapping them in a bag is advisable because loose ice placed in coolers can become contaminated. During the course of camping, you can extract blocks from this extra pile whenever you need them. Always make sure the cooler holding the extra ice is locked and not opened unless necessary.

  • Arrange items properly:

Merely dumping blocks and items into the cooler will not suffice. You need to arrange them strategically to get the best out of your camping experience.

  • Placing the ice packs at the bottom of the cooler is best for preserving food items during camping because this helps the ice melt slowly.
  • Place a towel at the bottom of the cooler before you place the ice blocks on top of it.
  • Arrange items that will not be needed during the first few days of camping. If you own a big cooler, placing items sooner at the bottom of the pile will make removal difficult as you will need to offload the entire pile to reach them. Also, doing so will expose your ice to air, increasing melting sooner than you would want. If you are using dry ice, place them at the bottom of the cooler and place items that need to be frozen on top of the ice. This will freeze them up until you have need for them.
  • Arrange items evenly on the ice pile and cover each item pile with ice. Repeat the process as you work your way up placing ice on every item pile until you’ve filled the cooler to the brim.

Camping is a fun and rewarding exercise made even more exciting with good food to quell our hunger and cold beverages to quench our thirst. You too can have a wonderful camping adventure by preparing adequately for the exercise. Using an air tight cooler and a mixture of regular and dry ice blocks will keep your food cold when camping.

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