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Igloo Glide PRO Cooler 110 Quart Review

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While the Igloo may not present any ambitious claims about its Igloo Glide PRO Cooler 110 Quart cooler, there is something to be said about a cooler that does its job pretty well, is quite big, and at a price point of less than half of those brands that do make ambitious claims.


The cooler has a well-constructed body made of polyethylene and foam insulation. It can keep the temperature below 40° F, which is necessary to preserve refrigerated foods, for up to 3 days. While its large size may be an advantage in the sense that you have much more room to put your stuff, it is a disadvantage when it comes to insulation. With that much more surface area to insulate it is harder to keep the heat out, especially at this budget, since the manufacturer is not at liberty to use expensive materials. Even so, the Igloo Glide Pro is one of the best among budget coolers. And as is the case with any large cooler, the more you fill it, the better results you are likely to get. Since it does a pretty good job for the cost and the disadvantages due to large sizes are not a design flaw, we rank its insulation worthy of a 7.


The Igloo Glide PRO Cooler 110 Quart has its external body made of decent quality polyethylene, which is likely to hold up better than the hard and less tough plastic you might usually find in such inexpensive products. While other coolers at this price range may use flimsy hinges for the lid or ditch the hinges altogether, this cooler has stainless steel hinges that instil confidence in their durability, and some good latches. The telescopic handle is also made of metal, so there should not be a problem lifting one side with the handle fully extended. Also, the wheels are quite large and hold up pretty well on the slightly rough surface. But the plastic handles used for lifting the cooler when not pushing it around on wheels are made of plastic, and do not feel sturdy enough. Overall, while the metal parts and large wheels are a plus, most of the plastic components cannot be said to be top of the line, but that is expected at this price range. Hence we give it a score of 6.


The cooler has large wheels that allow it to be easily carried around. It also has a telescopic handle that extends, allowing you to tilt it on its wheels and push it around like a trolley. This makes it very convenient if you intend to use it for storing drinks for a party in your backyard, ferrying it to and from your kitchen wouldn’t require the help of a couple of the strongest men at the party, any adult should be able to move it even if it is fully loaded. That said, it is a large sized cooler, and hence naturally it will be quite heavy when loaded. Thus whenever you are not able to use the wheels, it will not be as easy to move. The fact that that the plastic lifting handles are mediocre don’t help either. You cannot take it to camps and hiking, but you should be able to, with the help of 2-3 people, load it on to the back of an SUV or a boat. Still, the difficulty that comes with capacity is no fault of its design and the advantage of wheels is quite significant, and hence we give it a portability score of 7.

Ease of Use

The wheeled mobility option is a great plus in the ease of use aspect. The large wheels and the telescopic handle to provide enough leverage provides a great boost in mobility and ease of use. In addition, the large space gives you quite a bit of option as to what you can put in it and also makes it easier to carry certain items. If you go hunting deer, for example, you would need to cut down your hunt into fewer pieces in order to fit it in. The cooler also has a drain pipe with threads, so you can attach a hose and drain it cleanly into a drain hole or a bucket. The handle makes it quite convenient to tilt it and get all the molten water out. Though a filled cooler will not be easy to use and move around when you cannot use the wheels, or when you have to load it on to a truck. We give it a pretty good ease of use score of 8.


As we keep mentioning it repeatedly, you might have guessed that the added mobility provided by the wheels is our favourite feature. The telescopic handle makes it easy to move as well as to drain the water. At this price point, the well-made hinges, or any hinges at all, cannot be taken for granted. It has a white paint that will reflect most of the UV light and protect the underlying plastic from degradation. The threaded drain hole makes it not just convenient to drain the water and clean the cooler, but also to do it without making a mess. It also has a scale on its lid so you can quickly measure the length of the fish you have caught. In terms of features, we give it a score of 7.

7 Total Score
Bottom Line

The strongest plus points going for the Igloo Glide PRO Cooler 110 Quart is the advantage of the wheeled mobility, size and cost. While there are much better products on the market, it is hard to look away when this one still does a good enough job, at about half the price of most high-end coolers.

Ease of Use
  • Wheeled mobility
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good performance and durability for its cost
  • Large size
  • Not exactly top of the line construction
  • Heavy and hard to move around when fully loaded
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