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Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive?

Every time you make a purchase, the one factor that will determine your choice is the quality and durability. With coolers, there are a few names that dominate the industry, and YETI is one of them. But while your motivation to buy this icebox maybe it has good reputation in the market, the cost may let you down.

Many people find themselves at a crossroad when they consider buying YETI coolers. Questions like “why are YETI coolers so expensive,” and “is it worth to pay a few extra bucks for a YETI cooler instead of buying a cheaper icebox,” are not new.

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at these coolers, why they cost more than many others in the market, and if they are worth your investment.

Design and Make

When you choose to spend more than you wanted to on a product like an ice cooler, you believe its design and make deserve the price tag. YETI coolers have rugged and resistant designs that make them immune to harsh conditions.

Manufacturing these coolers involves roto-molding and foam injecting that makes the cooler even tougher. The foam does two things; one, it enhances the coolers structural integrity, and it increases its insulation capabilities.


Yeti coolers are amongst the strongest in the industry. There are other brands that have also embraced the highly praised rotomolding technology used in Yetis, but these coolers haven’t reached the same strength and durability standards. This is because in addition to rotomolding, Yeti also incorporates other features like heavy-duty latches, tough gaskets and polyester rope handles that increase the life of the cooler.

So when the argument of “why are Yeti coolers so expensive” crops up, simply remember that buying a cooler with a short lifespan means that you will replace it several times making it more expensive in the long run. Plus there are also psychological effects that arise from the disappointment of buying a “weak” product. You can escape all these by buying a durable Yeti cooler at the onset.


We all agree that there is a level of security that comes with a product you can trust to survive any external outdoor environment. An experiment conducted on Yeti coolers determined that even grizzly bears could not destroy them or reach the contents. This alone stamps a degree of confidence in this brand. So if ever you fail to come up with an answer for “why are Yeti coolers so expensive” just remember the strength they exhibit.

Outstanding Thermal Insulation

YETI models have commercial grade polyurethane foam added to their already hard layer. The foam is added to both the walls and the lid of the cooler, making it two inches thick.

Due to the unique design and material used in making YETIs, their insulation capability is way above that of their competitors. What you want in a cooler is for it to do what it has been created to do, keep things cool. YETI does this excellently, because while cheap coolers will only retain the cool ice temperatures for 2-4 days, a YETI will keep things for up to one week or sometimes up to 10 days.

Having a good insulation and consequently, a good ice retention capability makes it possible for you to make savings from buying ice, and increases the number of items you can keep in the cooler. So in the end, the extra cost for the YETI will pay back from the savings you will make.

Extreme Versatility

While Yeti coolers are purposely designed for outdoor use, you are not restricted to using them this way. Since they are lightweight, (a 110-quart Yeti cooler weighs about 50 pounds) you can carry them for outdoor activities.

These coolers are ideal for long distance trips where you want the amount of your cargo to be reduced significantly. These coolers come in a variety of sizes which means you can carry them when going to a barbecue or for activities like tailgating.

Trusted Brand

Yeti coolers score a clean 4.6/5 customer ratings and reviews. Deciding to purchase a Yeti cooler therefore means you will join many Yeti lovers who have found satisfaction with the product.

It has been proven time and time again that buying a product that has satisfactorily served many people is financially wiser that purchasing a product that is new in the market. This is not to say that new products are automatically low quality, but products that have many reviews have established credibility beyond any reasonable doubt. In addition to the numerous reviews, you will also be given a 5-year warranty with your Yeti cooler purchase. This further reinforces the trust in this brand.

Is It Worth Spending More On A YETI Cooler?

If you want an ice cooler with a lot of awesome features, then you should be prepared to spend more for this. However, the choice of an icebox depends entirely on what you prefer. In general, there are three types of coolers you can select from:

  • Soft Coolers – these are lightweight coolers that are ideal for one-night or day trips. This category if flooded by cheap coolers, but which are also not durable.
  • Regular Coolers – these are traditional iceboxes that will keep your foods and drinks cool for a couple of days. They are medium price, and offer an equal amount of satisfaction to the price.
  • Premium Coolers – This category has some of the best coolers, Yeti being at the top of the list. They are ideal for extended periods of storage like when you go for a fishing trip or long hunting.


YETI is definitely one of the best premium ice coolers on the market. The coolers come in various sizes which allow you to choose the one that fits you best. This brand also has some additional features and benefits, including great vortex drainage system, non-slid feet and non-slip that make its price justifiable.

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